Letters From the Cubicle Farm

The best days of our lives are being stolen from us. The pay that they give us will not even be a slight recompense to what they take.

The only thing more precious than gold is time.
hint: we never will get it back

Don’t ever dilute yourself into thinking that wage slavey (modern day employment) is some kind of business venture. You don’t make a profit off of your grind. Wage is a simple exchange, it is fixed and predetermined between you and your employer. Don’t ever forget it. Your pay day is just a per diem to ensure your return. Like the slave masters who give their slaves room and board. That’s all a wage is. Pittance. Don’t die so you can come back tomorrow.

Employer/Employee Dialectics: While the employee wants to do the least amount of work for the most pay the employer wants to get the most amount of work for the least pay.

We’ve been forsaken. To believe in the system that funnels us into passionless mundane jobs. The capitalist system needs complacent employees, that’s what schools were invented for, to train the next batch of rejects.

Good art can’t be made from the cubicle farm.  You have to escape, you have to deprogram yourself and learn to be creative again.  The system doesn’t want creativity, because creativity is a product of imagination.  Imagination is the enemy of the system, it demands subordination, it demands that it’s edicts be followed.

Why don’t people know they are slaves?

I think that Hollywood helps to perpetuate the false life.  For once in the history of humanity a class of people exists purely to facilitate ideology.  With all of their excessive glamour and ostensible lifestyles the entertainment industry has become the virtual life of so many middle class people.  We spend our lives obsessing over the pointless lives of these stars. Watching them religiously, vicariously living their lives and virtually interacting with them through our televisions and computers.

What would a world be like without hollywood or the entertainment industry?  
How would we spend our free time?  

Entertainment has become the new opiate of the masses.  It helps us to cope with the fact that we are, in essence…slaves.

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