Exposing Your Art

Would you want to do art that people hated?  Of course not. I’m not talking about the avant grade where some people like it and some people hate it’s fringe appeal.  I’m saying you wouldn’t want to do art where you were the only person in the universe who thought it was good and everyone else always thought it was shit.  

   In this way an artist sort of develops through collaboration.  My uncle always told me that the only way to get better was to expose myself and my art to criticism.   Most people who haven’t attended a formal critique of their work can always try to find novel ways of getting their art seen.  Ways like: posting art on Facebook, blatantly asking someone’s opinion, emailing art to art critics.  

    It is important as a developing artist to get feedback.  

2 thoughts on “Exposing Your Art

  1. Hey David,
    you visited our exhibition in Z-Bau on Saturday for quiet a while, and i did not have the time to give you any answers to your questions…so you had to face our little nimbus by your own…sorry for that;) Now i took a short look at your page and saw some very interesting stuff…i like the idea to sell water for 1000 Euro;)
    Do you want to drink a little glass of vino, if we can find the time, i´d love to talk…are you in nuremberg?
    So I bow in salutation

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