The Artists Canned Bullshit: Commodity Fetishism at its Finest


In an ingenious example of activist art, makers of the popular party game, Cards Against Humanity, protested black Friday in a strange way.  If you went to their online store the day after Thanksgiving you’d find all of their products had been removed with exception of a single item; A box of Bullshit that went for about $6.

Cards Against Humanity aren’t the first to use actual shit in order make an artistic statement.  The Italian Dada Artist Piero Manzoni canned his own excrement back in the 60’s as a critique of consumerism and the art market.   His canned shit sold in October 2007 for £97,250.


Why does something useless (like bullshit) sell out in one hour? 
What’s funny about Cards Against Humanity’ Bullshit is that they actually sold a shit ton of their “Box of Bullshit,” as well.  They made somewhere around $18,000.  It’s not like they tricked their customers into buying the poo either.  Cards Against Humanity even made it very clear to their customers that if they were going to buy the poo expecting it to be something else than they were about to be dealt a valuable life lesson.  Despite the items disgusting contents the Bullshit sold out in almost an hour.IMG_0216

Simple answer: Because us consumers are really really stupid.

These market products (commodities) move from ecstasy and quickly reduce themselves to excrement on their own. All the products we just HAD to have eventually lose their dazzle and find their way to a local landfill.   So essentially everything we buy is shit anyway.


          -everybody who has bought anything ever

It’s through Commodity Fetishism that these objects are bedazzled with their quasi spiritual quality that gives meaning to our lives as consumers.  There are entire advertisement teams whose main focus is on dressing up a company’s shitty products like white trash mommies dress up their awkward little girls for weird baby beauty pageants.   At that point we are all so hooked by that flashy new thinga-ma-jig and its pretty pretty colors that…. wait…the iphone6 came out?