Cultural Representations of Femininity

The way women are portrayed, according to the dominant ideology, is as objects of control “under a dominant (patriarchal) gaze.”  These representations of women through mannequins, Barbie dolls, Supermodels, porn stars etc. take what is essentially a cultural element and make it a universal claim about femininity.  I would say false consciousness that develops as a result to these varying representations would cause us to repress the inherent contradictory nature between what we experience and our indoctrination into this symbolic order.  Now Im not as well read in psychoanalysis but maybe that is what leads to the many maladaptation in modern populations of women for example eating disorders, cosmetic augmentation addiction, body image neurosis etc. but I’m not sure.
   Anyway no art is without ideology.  texts compete to dominate with their own worldviews.  Mass produced texts create a world view that makes us feel inadequate then offers us the object of our adequacy in mass marketed goods.  But these commodities are paradoxical in that the market retroactively posits its own cause to continue the cycle of consumerism. So the way to change how women are represented is for female/male artists to create texts (like your video) that criticize the ruling ideology breaking through our false consciousnesses…….Of course liberated from commercial or market interests.
…….  But the crux is that once this new female representation is the new dominant ideology, the base/structure will still determine how these elements are interwoven into the fabric of Multinational capitalism. God be damned that I can say 100% Marxist certainty that the  ruling class will find some way to articulate it for their own benefit…like with rock and roll or even with Communist anti-capitalism texts: available on amazon for €14,59. 😉